Butoh Festival Amsterdam 27-28 March 2020  


13 performers
12 performances with dancers from: Argentina, Brasil, France, Italy, Japan, U.K.
6 performances per day


Adrien Gaumé. France | Cécile Raymond . France | Elisabeth Damour . France | Kea Tonetti . Italy | Juju Alishina . Japan | Lorna Lawrie . Argentina | Luan Machado . Brasil | Rebecca Buckle . U.K. | Suzi Cunningham . U.K. | Teruyuki Nagamori . Japan | Tina Besnard . France | Tivitavi . Italy | Valeria Geremia . Italy 


Friday 27th
Valeria Geremia  rAum
Cécile Raymond  Cross-over
Luan Machado  Dead Zone
p a u s e
Juju Alishina  Utusesemi (this body in this world)
Tina Besnard  BiBiBimba Ex – Too
Lorna Lawrie  Periple


Saturday 28th
Kea Tonetti and Tivitavi  Mono
Adrien Gaumé  Ungu Lliblaction
Rebecca Buckle  Femoral
p a u s e
Elisabeth Damour  Somewhere the creature abandons chaos to be exhausted Ocean
Teruyuki Nagamori  pray for Y
Suzi Cunningham  Rules to Live By


Technical assistant: Mon Costa Justes


dates, time, ticket prices

Fri 27th March  8:30pm € 25

Sat 28th  March  8:30pm € 25
both the days € 45
Concession € 20 and € 35 for both the days (only for certified students and unemployed)


Info and reservation: info@munganga.nl
telephone: 020 6759837


Photographer: Jérémie Lortic 

Photographer: Birgit Sanders

For further information contact Ezio Tangini e_mail eziotangini@gmail.com

The Butoh festival Amsterdam taking place at Munganga Theatre
Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs2 1075 Amsterdam

Press contact: Ezio Tangini tel.+39 3385004680 



Butoh Festival Amsterdam 27th- 28th March 2020 –edition IV–
The festival will be produced without any public or private grant.
turn on the Scene!           www.inbetweenbutoh.com

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