Diretto da: 
Roberto Herrera
Email: academiaherreraeuropa@gmail.com


Web: http://www.robertoherreratango.com.ar/academiaing.htm
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100002087978903

Indirizzo: via Meazza 23/A zona ex-Salamini, Parma

A universally recognized talent, combined with outstanding professional experience, are the keys to the international renow of Roberto Herrera.
He has become the most important and influential reference both for the traditional tango and for the most recent forms of this expression of art.
Man of charisma, with mystery, sensuality and an incomparable technique he has danced on stages all over the world, from the Opera Theatre in Buenos Aires at the Gershwin Theater on Broadway.
Called as a court in numerous Tango Championships, Roberto Herrera is also teacher, choreographer and artistic director of the famous Compagnia Argentina Roberto Herrera and founder of an academy in Buenos Aires one of the most renowned schools of Tango. Academy that nowl has its european headquarters.
The high artistic and technical faculty of Academia Herrera is a point of reference in Europe for professional teachers and dancers.

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