14 performers
10 performances with dancers from: Belgium, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, U.S.A.
5 performances per day


Alicia Bisier . Spain  |  Bob Lyness . U.S.A.  |  Christian Bernecker . Germany | Coco Villarreal . Mexico  |  Ehsan Sadigh . Iran  |  Elisabeth Damour . France  | Erika Hassan . U.S.A.  |  Ezio Tangini . Italy  |  Golzar Hazfi . Iran  | Gul . Spain | Julianne Kasabalis . Belgium  |  Maruska Ronchi . Italy  |  René Baptist Huysmans . The Netherlands  |  Limen Butoh Theatre Sylwia Hanff . Poland  


Friday 8th
Golzar Hazfi, Ehsan Sadigh  A Dream
Christian Bernecker  9 Petals 
p a u s e
Ezio Tangini  Mezzanine
Alicia Bisier  The Japanese Indigena
Maruska Ronchi  Red Moon

Saturday 9th
Erika Hassan and Bob Lyness  She Prefers Fire
Juklianne Kasabalis  Ana.Morphism
p a u s e
Coco Villarreal, Gul  Bodhi
Elisabeth Damour, René Baptist Huysmans  Closer to my undisclosed Desire 
Limen Butoh Theatre Sylwia Hanff  The Song of Semi 

Technical assistant: Mon Costa Justes

dates, time, ticket prices

Fri 8th October  8:30pm € 25

Sat 9th  October  8:30pm € 25
both the days € 45
Concession € 20 and € 35 for both the days (only for certified students and unemployed)

Due to limited seats available for covid-19 restriction, tickets will only be available online.

Info and booking: info@munganga.nl
telephone: 020 6759837

For further information contact Ezio Tangini e_mail eziotangini@gmail.com

The Butoh festival Amsterdam taking place at Munganga Theatre
Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs2 1075 Amsterdam

Press contact: Ezio Tangini tel.+39 3385004680 


Butoh Festival Amsterdam 8th- 9th October 2021 –edition V–
The festival will be produced without any public or private grant.
turn on the Scene!  www.inbetweenbutoh.com

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